Balance and Neuropathy: Loss of balance getting you down?


Neuropathy and Balance

Neuropathy decreases your sense of balance.  With less feeling in your feet and weaker muscles, you are more likely to fall.  Not only is falling not enjoyable for most people, according to the CDC 1 in 5 falls result in serious injury.  In face “Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury”  (CDC).  Increasing you balance makes it easier to be active and decreases your risk of falls.

Balance is affected by peripheral neuropathy in 2 ways: the nerves that give position sense to your feet are damaged and the muscles controlling balance are weakened.

Improving Ballance with Whole Body Vibration

An effective, research backed treatment targeting balance is whole body vibration (WBV).  WBV is performed by standing on platform that vibrates rapidly when it is started.  One of the ways whole body vibration improves balance is the weakened balance muscles in the feet are activated and strengthened.

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More Information on Whole Body Vibration

Here is a good brief explanation of whole body vibration by Power Plate, makers of the whole body vibration we use in our office to improve balance.