Pinched Nerve Relief

A pinched nerve is a general term used to describe any mild injury or irritation of a nerve. The nerve is not usually being literally “pinched” but is irritated by some change around it. You will need a thorough examination by your healthcare provider in order to determine which nerve is causing your specific symptoms. Treatment will be tailored to the specific source of your pain.

When nerves get irritated or injured, you may experience several possible symptoms including: pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, headaches, or dizziness.  Symptoms from a pinched nerve usually follow a specific pattern based on which nerve is irritated and where the irritation is occurring. Nerves can be “pinched” at their source in the spine (as from a herniated disc) or anywhere along their normal path through the body. Your chiropractic doctor will determine the location of your pinched nerve in order to provide a specific plan to address the root cause.

Common Cause Pinched Nerve

Treatments to Relieve Pinched Nerve