Insurance FAQ


We accept most major medical insurance, all auto insurance, and all Washington and Oregon worker’s compensation insurance. If you have pain from any type of injury and want to find out if your visit is covered, call us to discuss your benefits.

How Much Does Treatment Cost

The cost of your care depends on what procedures your doctor determines you need. In addition, if you have insurance the cost of your care will depend on your deductible, copay, and coinsurance values for your individual plan. Please call us if you want to discuss what your insurance covers.

Typically Auto insurance and Worker’s Compensation insurance cover all costs of care for your injury. There are several factors involved in resolving this type of balance and we'll work hand in hand with you.

How Many Visits Will Insurance Cover

We hear this question all the time. Most major medical insurance covers between 10-30 visits per year, but the actual amount will depend on your specific plan.

Auto accident insurance will cover as many visits as your doctor and care team determine is necessary.

Washington State worker’s compensation will cover at least 12 visits and depending on your specific problem they will authorize more visits.

Medicare also covers as many visits as medically necessary. There are specific criteria that must be met with Medicare, but your doctor will determine how many visits are necessary for you. Call us today if you have any questions or are ready to start feeling better.