Disc Injury Relief

Disc injuries can occur after either a major trauma or repetitive microtraumas. There are three terms commonly used to describe disc injuries – disc bulge, disc herniation, and disc sequestration. These are really the same injury, just with different degrees of severity. The good news is that, if treated with the right therapies, the dysfunction from each of these disc injuries can be significantly improved or resolved altogether.


A disc bulge occurs when the fibers around the edge of the disc have torn. When this occurs, the soft, jelly-like center of the disc starts to push out. The fibers on the edge of the disc that are still intact begin to bulge out from their usual position as a result of this jelly center moving outward. Left untreated, this bulging leads to a build up of scar tissue and eventually degeneration and arthritis.


Disc herniations occur when the fibers around the disc have torn enough that the jelly center starts to push out at one specific part of the disc. When this herniation occurs, it can put pressure on the nerve that moves out of the spinal cord at that location. Pressure on nerves causes more pain, numbness, tingling, and sometimes weakness. Left untreated, a disc herniation always leads to arthritis and disability.


A disc sequestration is the most severe of the disc injuries. With this condition, the soft jelly center of the disc has ruptured completely through the fibers that normally surround it. This leads to the jelly center moving into the space normally occupied by the nerve and causes significant irritation to the nerves and local inflammation. Nerve irritation and inflammation can cause pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, or changes in bowel and bladder abilities. Left untreated, this condition can lead to significant limitations in function and severe disruptions in work, sleep, and home life.

Common Cause Disc Injury

Treatments to Relieve Disc Injury

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