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Just like disc injuries, sprains and strains of the low back can come from either a single major trauma or smaller, repetitive microtrauma. Both sprains and strains involve tearing of the body tissues and is classified by a grade, usually 1-3. Grade 1 is mild and involves tearing of only a few fibers within the tissue. Grade 2 is a moderate injury that involves tearing up to 50% of the full tissue. A grade 3 injury represents total failure of the structure with more than 50% of the tissue being torn. Both sprains and strains can occur in the same type of way, but the two injuries heal very differently.


Strains involve the muscles of the body. A strain can also be referred to as a soft tissue injury. Although strains can be very painful, they will usually heal within 6-8 weeks. Once the pain has improved, rehabilitative exercises are usually most helpful to heal from, and prevent, future low back strains.


A sprain involves the ligaments of the body and the annular fibers of the discs in the spine. These tissues are referred to collectively as connective tissues and heal much more slowly than a strain. Ligaments generally require treatment in order to avoid significant future dysfunction and pain. With proper treatment, it is possible to strengthen the sprained tissue to the point that it will not significantly impact your life anymore.

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