Personal Injury Seminar

Attorney Personal Injury Seminar Explains: 

If you’ve suffered personal injury at work, while driving or any other type of accident, you’ll want to watch this brief video from Dr. Paul Hollern.

He clearly explains the 3 Necessary Documents you’ll need to stop “Low Ball Offers” and win “Policy Limit” Awards for Soft Tissue Spinal Injuries.

A soft tissue injury is simply damage or trauma to the muscles, ligaments and/or tendons of your body.   They occur from strains or sprains and may result in inflammation/swelling, pain and bruising.  They may also result in complete or partial loss of function of the affected areas.  Whiplash is a common example of a soft tissue injury occurring from an accident

Dr. Hollern has never lost a case while using this simple information, and routinely gets policy limit awards for soft tissue spinal injuries.  Now he’s made this information available for your own benefit to make sure you’re protected, physically and financially, in case of an accident or injury.

If you have any questions at all relating to a personal injury, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Opdahl Chiropractic.

To your health,

Dr. Thomas Opdahl, D.C.